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Kennel and Grounds

The dog room itself is specifically geared to the 'four legged' family members. They have their own couch for lounging, a basket of toys and their own flat screen TV.  It makes for quite a good life at Snowshoe!

Furthermore, the dog room is part of our home but geared to the dogs for their comfort.  It includes a feeding kitchen, raised bathing tub, and a hydraulic grooming table.

Snowshoe does not have traditional indoor/outdoor kennel runs, as our dogs have a DOG NANNY four hours/day, and more when we have puppies.

There is one outdoor kennel with access to an indoor run in the garage, mostly for training puppies when we have them.


Our property consists of 5.5 acres with approximately one acre fenced in for the dogs. The horses next door keep the dogs well entertained and exercised!

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